Catnip loves the full sun, and although it can, and does, survive in partial shade and poor soil, it is best grown in normal soil that is well-drained. The plant's size depends on soil moisture, and fertility levels greatly influence plant size. The catnip plant is also fairly drought tolerant.  If you plan on showcasing it in your decorative landscaping, pinch the catnip plants as they grow to develop a thicker, fuller, and more attractive plant.

Package of 1,600

(Non-GMO Heirloom)

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Hardiness Zone:  Biennial 3-9

Days Maturity:  85

Planting Depth: Tamp catnip seeds directly onto the surface of the soil, or they can also be just barely covered.

Plant Spacing:  12-18"

Days to Germination:  7-14

Planting Instructions:  Sow seeds indoors before the last frost.  Always make sure to harden-off your seedlings before transplanting them outside.  Plant seeds by tamping them directly onto the surface of the soil, or just barely cover them 2-6 weeks after the last known frost date spacing them approximately 12” apart.  If sowing seeds outside, sow directly on the soil's surface or barely under perlite.

Botanical Name: Nepeta cataria

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