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60 VARIETY Heirloom Seed Package

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60 VARIETY Heirloom Seed Package

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Package Description:  Every 60 Variety Heirloom Seed Package is hand packaged with Non-GMO Heirloom seeds which are placed in 2 x 3 see-thru, (4) Mil Ziplock bags, includes a 10 x 14 silver Mylar for your long-term storage needs and (5) pages of Planting/Growing/Seed Saving information.  Scroll down to "MORE INFO" below to see a detailed list of the varieties.

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This is the ultimate, well-rounded seed package geared for the survivalist and garden enthusiast alike!!  If a particular variety you like is missing from the list, you always have the option to "add on" single packages to create your own specialized seed box.  Here's a list of what we offer in our 60 Variety Heirloom Seed Package which has over 32,000 seeds!!:

  • Alfalfa (2,000)
  • All American Parsnips (200)
  • American Purple Top Rutabaga (600)
  • Arugula (1,500)
  • Ashley Cucumber (60)
  • Beefsteak Tomato (100)
  • Black Beauty Eggplant (150)
  • Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce (1,500)
  • Black Turtle Bean (60)
  • Bloomsdale Spinach (300)
  • Blue Lake Bush Bean (50)
  • Bok Choy Cabbage (600)
  • Boston Pickling Cucumber (60)
  • Bush Mexican Pinto Bean (50)
  • Calabrese Broccoli (400)
  • California Wonder Bell Pepper (250)
  • Cherry Belle Radish (300)
  • Clemson Spineless Okra (90)
  • Crimson Giant Radish (300)
  • Dark Green Zucchini Squash (40)
  • Detroit Dark Red Beets (200)
  • Early Jalapeno Pepper (250)
  • Flax (500)
  • Florida Broadleaf Mustard (500)
  • Golden Acre Cabbage (300)
  • Golden Bantam Sweet Corn (55)
  • Gourmet Leaf Lettuce Blend (1,000)
  • Hales Best Cantaloupe (60)
  • Hard Red Wheat (500)
  • Honeydew Green Melon (60)
  • Large Red Cherry Tomato (100)
  • Little Marvel Pea (60)
  • Long Island Brussels Sprouts (300)
  • Mary Washington Asparagus (100)
  • Morris Heading Collards (400)
  • Provider Bush Bean (50)
  • Purple Top White Globe Turnip (1,500)
  • Red Cored Chantenay Carrot (2,000)
  • Red Romaine Lettuce (1,000)
  • Scarlet Nantes Carrot (2,000)
  • Seven Top Turnip (1,500)
  • Siberian Kale _1,200)
  • Small Sugar Pumpkin (40)
  • Snowball Cauliflower (400)
  • Sugar Baby Watermelon (60)
  • Sugar Snap Peas (60)
  • Sweet Spanish Onions (250)
  • Tall Utah Celery (1,500)
  • Yellow Crookneck Squash (40)
  • Black Cumin (Nigella Sativa) (500)
  • Borage (100)
  • Bouquet Dill (400)
  • Chamomile (300)
  • Chia (2,500)
  • Coriander (100)
  • Florence Fennel (200)
  • Italian Giant Parsley (1,000)
  • Italian Large Leaf Basil (300)
  • Summer Savory (700)
  • Thyme (1,500)

*NOTE:  On all our Heirloom seed packages, we reserve the right to substitute varieties when deemed necessary.

By (Sand Springs, United States) on  09 July 2023 (60 VARIETY Heirloom Seed Package) :

Highly recommend this company...

We bought a variety seed package in 2014 and stuck them in the freezer. We never had time to plant a garden, but in 2020 during the pandemic, I planted some of the seeds and everything came up.  I harvested seeds from those original plants and continue to use them today.  I even bought some more! I highly recommend this company. 

By (Bluewater, United States) on  19 May 2023 (60 VARIETY Heirloom Seed Package) :

High quality...

I've bought these seeds and they never fail. They hand package everything, and are all family owned. High quality, and I enjoy them still. They come with instructions on how to harvest your own seed and store them as well. They're an awesome company.

By on  07 March 2023 (60 VARIETY Heirloom Seed Package) :

Service & Customer appreciation

The Seed Guy, Company and employees have earned my appreciation and trust. My order was lost while in the care of and by USPS. So, I did not receive my order. Linda from the Seed Guy made everything right. She refunded all my expenses including shipping even though they did not have to. My thanks go out to them.

By (Ottawa, Canada) on  15 Jan. 2023 (60 VARIETY Heirloom Seed Package) :

Hands-down the best...

The Seed Guy is hands-down the best and most people-centred customer service I've experienced with an online purchase. I'm in Canada and placed an order during the Covid-19 pandemic and unfortunately never received the seeds. I took an extra-long time to follow up with the company because I had assumed postal delays were the reason, and by the time I finally did, it was too late for them to identify what went wrong in the delivery process. Linda took extra care to keep me informed about reimbursement and went above and beyond to ensure I got my money back. The level of attention to ensure my satisfaction despite not receiving the product was paramount, and I am confident in ordering again. Thank you!

By (LaSalle, Canada) on  20 Nov. 2022 (60 VARIETY Heirloom Seed Package) :

Best seeds ever!

I'm so excited over my order. Not only was Linda so helpful but the products exceeded my expectations. Best seeds ever! Beautifully packaged, fast shipping here to Canada, and great growth rates too! Will be buying again soon.

By (Meadowbrook Village, Canada) on  10 Nov. 2022 (60 VARIETY Heirloom Seed Package) :

Xmas came early...

Got ours today ..whoooooop! I feel like Xmas came early. I am so thrilled..grateful..and wow. Thank you. Beautiful seeds..solid packaging, and, I cannot wait to plant all this and support my neighbors and food banks. Couple things zero clue what they are..imma grow em! Thank you! Love from Canada!

By (Stratford, Canada) on  01 Nov. 2022 (60 VARIETY Heirloom Seed Package) :

Very happy with this company...

Just received my seed order today....absolutely wonderful variety ...really well labelled...great instructions etc.
Very happy with this company.

By (Virginia Beach, United States) on  01 Oct. 2022 (60 VARIETY Heirloom Seed Package) :

Great as always

Love the variety packages- great for a minor home garden. Purchased a similar package about 7 yrs ago & was so impressed! Life changed, but when opportunity came to have a garden again I knew exactly where to go! Was kind of disappointed in shipping delay but that means more people now know how awesome Seed Guy is. Packaging is superb & this will last me several seasons. Sowed beets, broccoli, arugula, and several lettuces 4 days ago. I HAVE SPROUTS! Very excited to try fall/winter garden but I also know I’m ready for a very healthy spring start with many options. Thank you, Seed Guy for keeping me excited about growing great food from honest sources & being able to share it with my son. I’m so happy we can find independent, heirloom based company for a good start on what will be hopefully a family tradition.

By (Valleyview, Canada) on  24 Sept. 2022 (60 VARIETY Heirloom Seed Package) :

Beyond happy...

I was beyond happy with my order this year!

By (Boones Mill, United States) on  23 Aug. 2022 (60 VARIETY Heirloom Seed Package) :

Absolute best customer service...

This company has the absolute best customer service of any I have ever done business with. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

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