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All American Parsnips
All American Parsnips

All American Parsnips


This parsnip variety has white flesh, and is tender with mild, delicate flavor.  The roots of this parsnip are 10 to 12 inches long with a small core and hollow crown. All-American is a good keeper, is frost resistant, and extra sweet when harvested in the fall.

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(Non-GMO Heirloom)

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Hardiness Zone:  2-9

Days Maturity:  120

Planting Depth:  1/2"

Plant Spacing:  3-5"

Days to Germination:  14-21

Planting Instructions:  Two or three weeks before the last frost of spring, soak the parsnip seeds overnight and then direct sow them 1/2" deep and 3-5" apart.

Botanical Name: Pastinaca sativa

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All American Parsnips